WriteMyEssay4Me Review – Detailed Evaluation

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Numerous students have asked us to review WriteMyEssay4Me.org, an online writing service. As a result, today we will present to you our experience with the company, the quality of the services, what other people say about it, so on and so forth.

The Quality of the Services

Never do we write a WriteMyEssay4Me review unless we place on order on a website. Hence, we ordered a college-level 4-page essay, on the topic of Roman Emperor Nero. We requested the writer to use the MLA format.

Apart from that, we didn’t order any additional features. After reading numerous customer reviews, we determined that a positive thing about Write My Essay 4 Me is that they meet deadlines. We can confirm that – the paper arrived on time.

Regrettably though, this is where the positive aspects about WriteMyEssay4Me end. Although there weren’t numerous compositional and grammatical errors in the text, the overall quality of the paper was lesser than what is expected of a college student.

That being said, if a student chooses to pay a considerable sum for an essay, he/she should anticipate receiving a high-quality piece.

Also, we noticed a bunch of formatting errors. For instance, the citations weren’t formatted accordingly, which, again isn’t admissible for a college-level paper.

The Customer Support Team and the Writers’ Expertise

When we first entered the website, we were truly bothered by the persistent helpful online customer service agent that kept “asking” whether we needed help or not. Once or twice, at the very least, would have been acceptable. Nevertheless, it was pretty annoying having to minimize the chat box consistently.

To make matters worse, when we complained about the overall quality of the writing, we didn’t get a response right away. That was pretty bothersome. Considering our writer’s expertise, we can assure you that he lacked the education and experience needed to compose college-level papers.

Discounts, Prices, Freebies, and Other Features

Since we paid $15 per essay page, that places Write My Essay 4 Me prices above the average rates. That wouldn’t have been a problem if the quality of the essay had been significantly better. Considering the testimonials and customer feedback we read, most students felt that they overpaid for the quality they received.

The ordering file had a place where we could insert a promo code. Still, it was quite difficult to find a page listing WriteMyEssay4Me discounts and coupon codes. That made us think that such a page doesn’t exist, or it cannot be found due to navigation issues. Another explanation would be that those discounts could be available to subscribers or loyal clients only.

Moreover, Write My Essay 4 Me features a blog and a bunch of writing samples. That is all though, not to mention that the writing samples lacked essence, being quite simplistic. The blog was perhaps a bit better, but the approach was promotional.


Everything included, our rating for WriteMyEssay4Me.org is below average. We couldn’t say that this firm is a fraud or scam. However, the quality is lacking, and the prices are too edgy.

WriteMyEssay4Me review