WriteMyPaper4Me: Is It Worth Our Trust?

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WriteMyPaper4Me.org is a professional academic writing service that has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California – or so they claim. Nowadays, since there are many writing websites that are sprouting like mushrooms after a rainy day, you can’t know for sure which one is real and which one is not.

To make things easier for those who don’t know what to spend their money on, we decided to check whether or not WriteMyPaper4Me is a gold mine or a mud pit. Here’s the result of our WriteMyPaper4Me review.

What Can They Offer Us

Write My Paper 4 Me is your average writing service that offers essays going from high school level to doctorate level. Their focus seems to be on essays because we found nothing related to the business or copywriting area.
As far as we noticed, their service is rather new on the market. Their rating is not clear, but it seems that a few customers did have some “issues” with them.

Quality of the Services

The only way to ascertain the quality of the services that they provide was to order a paper with a random title. The deadline was set for 14 days, the longest time we could get.

The good part is that we did receive the paper on time; we even had a few days to spare. The bad part is that the text we received was atrocious. No matter how you looked at it, this wasn’t something that a native English speaker would have written.

It probably would not have been a problem if they were honest about their writers; foreign writers can also have a good English level. But the fact that they claimed to use only native English speakers made us doubt their professionalism and truthfulness. Most customer reviews support our belief.

Customer Service

As people, the customer service staff was very polite. We spoke with both the support and the writers, and all of them were professional and courteous. This would have been the perfect setup if the paper that we received wasn’t sub par and if the customer support actually knew how to provide useful answers to our questions. Their testimonials don’t seem to be so truthful either. We couldn’t find a bad word about them there – not even constructive criticism.

The Pricing System

We chose the 14-day-deadline pretty much because we did not want to pay 20 dollars for a page – so we ended up paying 14. Their prices are quite high compared to what else we found online, and this is pretty ridiculous considering we couldn’t even find any formal discounts. We looked for some coupon codes or a promo code everywhere, but all we found were rumors or mentions; we found nothing concrete to offer us a discount.

Overall, WriteMyPaper4Me.org is not fraud or scam, but it definitely isn’t reliable either. Considering the price we pay for a single page, the quality is actually embarrassing. No college students that respect themselves would turn in such a paper – especially if the professor knows their face.

WriteMyPaper4Me review